Worth checking: Red zone

joi, iulie 26, 2012

Fetelor, va anunt de pe acum ca vom vorbi despre scufita rosie (lunara), deci aveti mare grija la lup ca da tarcoale pe aici. :O

Girls, I want to officially announce you that I'll be talking about Red Riding Hood (the monthly one) so be aware of the wolf, he's lurking around here, somewhere.  

Nu stiu cum sunteti voi, dar eu-s tare uituca. Uituca si distrasa de absolut orice din jurul meu. Tocmai de aceea era un pain in the ass sa stau sa calculez cam cand imi vine stopul si cand se termina. De multe ori ziceam ca voi nota in calendar si ori il pierdeam, ori aceasta actiune ramanea la stadiul de intentie. Cand am vazut urmatoarea aplicatie ptr Android eram ceva de genul VICTORIEEE!!!

I don't know about you, but I very forgetful. Forgetful and easily distracted by everything around me. Therefore it was a pain in the ass to calculate when my period was due. I said a couple of times that I'll put the dates down in my calendar and  I ended up losing it or keeping it as an intent, not a finite action. When I saw the following application for Android I was like: VICTORYYY!

Pe langa faptul ca-i super cute, este si foarte usor de folosit. Arata un countdown pana la urmatoarul stop, cate zile au trecut din el, cand este ovulatia smd. El calculeaza toate aceste date in urma statisticilor din ultimile luni. Daca le aveti deja le puteti introduce, daca nu ar trebui sa asteptati cam 3 luni sa fie reglat bine programul.

Besides being super cute,it is very easy to use. It shows a countdown until the next period, how many days have passed since, when the ovulation is due and so on. It calculates all the data based on statistics from the last months. If you already have those you can enter them asap, otherwise you should wait about 3 months for the program to be well adjusted..

Also, besides the period, you can add different symptoms or weight-related details. So it can be very useful if you are sick, if you want a baby or lose some weight.

Daca doriti sa-o incercati, aplicatia este gratuita pe Android market. O recomand 100%!

If you want to try it out, the app is free on the Android market. I recommend it 100%!