Sing a song

sâmbătă, mai 28, 2011

Am sterpelit un tag super interesant de la Koko. Chiar va invit pe toate sa-l faceti cause it's so fun! :)

Trebuie sa raspundeti inteligent la urmatoarele intrebari folosind piesele unei singure trupe sau artist. Nu aveti voie sa folositi artistul ales de mine si incercati sa nu repetati acelasi titlu la mai multe intrebari.

Eu am ales-o pe Pink, deoarece e una din cantaretele mele favorite. Aveam de gand sa ii aleg pe cei de la Linkin Park, dar Pink cred ca e mai fun la denumiri :O

My life according to : PINK

Are you a male or female? - Stupid Girls

Describe Yourself -  Split personality

How do you feel? - Fuckin' perfect

Describe where you currently live - Long way to happy

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? - Funhouse

Your favorite form of transportation -
Crystal ball

Your best friend? - Oh my god

You and your best friend are - Family Portrait

What's the weather like?  - Nobody knows

Favorite time of day - Tonight's the night

If your life was a TV show what would it be called? - Private show (ce porno suna :O)

What is life to you? -
Get the party started

Your relationship - Glitter in the air

Your fear - Hiccup

What is the best advice you have to give? - Do what you do

Thought for the day - Love is such a crazy thing

My motto - Hell wit ya

Ei asta a fost tot :) Sper ca m-am descurcat. Promit ca urmeaza sa postez si lucruri mai utile pe blog, just watch me! :O